Everything you need to hear in warehouse,

at a glance

We’ve always put user at the heart of everything we do, and when developing a voice skill this has never been more important


With eye and booth hands free operators can focus on execution. Voice operations can support and connect with your warehouse in multiple roles, whether that be simple or multi task operations or doing heavy lifting around the warehouse.

  • Standard and multi picking process

  • Navigation across warehouse

  • Connected functions in one process – cycle count in picking

  • Location status with reason codes

  • Reason codes can perform additional functions or instruct operator to pick different UOM like under-packing

  • Picking weight items by entering weight for each or entering weight to the ordered weight until receive enough from system.

  • Multi-pick work with Put-to-light option.
    Lights and display for quantity on forklift for more accurate and faster operation.

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Picking with PicToLight

Put to store & Pick by line

For distribution short-life products like fruit &vegetables in which operator put goods on transport unit which can dynamic change locations.

With VoiceXtreme there is not need for planing locations for putting, with real time work picker will open new location for customer and other operators will be directed to location.

Cycle Count

Host directed, blind or random.

Can be in combination with picking or final control process and in conjunction with locations status or reason codes.

  • In a case that in final control operator find shortage or excess for some article VoiceXtreme will generate CC assignment for location from which those article are picked

  • Nearest operator in warehouse can be directed to location

Replenishment & Moving

Moving goods or pallet from location to other location, sound easy right?

But if on both location or pallet you have more than one article or LOT operation must be simple and fast that can be correct.

  • Operator receive instruction which pallet to took, confirm location or LPN from pallet

  • Drive to drop location, confirm location or LPN on which he will put good

  • Receive instruction which article, peaces, LOT must put on new location/LPN

  • Or took out old pallet, put new and rest off good from old pallet put on new LPN, confirm article, quantity, LOT

Final control

Pallets with goods on which location was reported irregularity automatically redirected to drop off on control locations and before drop of on dock must pass final control.

  • Final control is separate function in VoiceXtreme

  • Additionally in case of shortage or surplus can be performed process of correction- disposal of excess, location cycle count.

Control numbers

Easiest way to confirm that picker is on right location to ask him to spell control number from locations.

We use color rotating mechanism and we ask picker to spell number from some color.

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Bin Check Digit

From stock to dock


Finish of commissioning is postponement to the dock.
In multi pick operation, the operator is instructed on which dock must drop off pallet.

The drop of location can be divided into several lines and the correct dock and location must be verified with the correct control number of proper location.


  • Multi-pick operations understod that operator will receive instruction from system which pallet ot transport unit must disposal on which location

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Dock&Lines Check digits