Eliminating paper picking labels brings a significant cost saving in the cost of the paper alone.

The real time radio communication enables real time stock updating. This in turn allows the triggering of letdowns to replenish picking faces, streamlining warehouse management by optimising the use of fork lift trucks and preventing re-picks or waiting time due to empty picking faces. Cycle counting can built in to the replenishment (letdown) task, improving the efficiency of the stock checking process. The improved accuracy of stock recording leads to improved service level and less time spent investigating stock discrepancies

Safety is improved as the hands free and eyes free operation leads to fewer accidents. Eliminating paper also leads to less waste paper or label backing sheets, resulting in a cleaner, tidier and safer warehouse.

The training time for new pickers is reduced by the use of voice, as a voice directed task is easier to learn than interpreting a paper task. Training time can often be reduced by as much as half.

Of course most important point is also ergonomic of work, cost of maintaining the equipment which falls dramatically an workers satisfaction in work.