The power of voice workflows

Let your voice be
must important voice

VoiceXtreme is a flexible enterprise solution that allows you to create powerful business interaction in warehouse operations.

Small, Medium or large sites

Enterprise solution on Zebra Android terminals or Honeywell Premium HW


Hands-free, efficient execution of a variety of tasks throughout the warehouse.
The system increases productivity and can yield more than 99.9 percent accuracy across a range of mobility tasks.
VoiceXtreme hands and eyes-free
operation is ideal for workflows and solutions needing minimum disruption.

One solution all platforms


Future-proof flexible enterprise solution developed to enable all of the components to transform your distribution center workflows for achieving greater operating excellence.

Solution supports ensuring an easy fit in any IT environment .


The seamless integration with ERP / WMS or any other inventory control – management systems.


The modular design facilitates plug and play access to common business requirements such as analytics, charting, mapping, reporting, scheduling and security.


Intuitive and customizable working environment, modify the layout of the screens, tables, and all the texts by the administrator



One view with total visibility provides comprehensive device management, operator management, configuration management, and system diagnostics at fingertips


Audit trials monitors and stores all changes made within the system. Each object review, deletion, or change is recorded and stored for later analysis and review.


Spica ASR Voice engine and VoiceArtisan supports many features like:

Rapid start, Touch config, Touch connect, SoundSense and BlueStreak

The way we interacting with technology is changing

Voice has become an unmissable force for connecting with warehouse process

A smart workflows
boost performance

Workflows design is like painting except the paint never


Proven service

3 month, 3 shift, 14 Million of transaction
prove flexibility of system.


Small Medium Enterprise

For small, medium or enterprise systems. Tested with 150 devices in simultaneus work.

Advantage of voice managed warehouse

Improve productivity
Higher accuracy
Reduce Training Time
Improve safety

Solving the operations biggest problems


Simplifies the function and streamlines physical movements by eliminating the necessity of picking up and putting down a device or instruction sheet or shifting the gaze from the material being collected result more effective and faster physical movement which give maximum worker utilization with free hands help businesses increase worker productivity up to 35%


Mispicked go away, focus on one job at a time with simple and clear instructions drive from optimized process freeing them from having to focus on the tool that they are using. This, but greatly reduces the opportunities for error allow reduce of errors up to 25%

Training Time


Self paced easiest training and support designed to expedite user acceptance and increase labor flexibility. Once a worker attends a one-time training session and creates a voice template (which takes up to 20 minutes) the entire work process is driven step-by-step through voice commands which shortening training time by 50% compared to RF terminals




Without handling any device or paper in hand and with their eyes focused on whats ahead of them reduced safety incident sup to 20% with free hands, free eyes

Work force

By analyzing work and efficiency, it is easy to anticipate the need to accomplish upcoming tasks.

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